• Earthmoving Campbelltown and Surrounds

    Earthmoving Campbelltown and Surrounds

    ASF Excavations are your earthmoving specialists for Campbelltown and Surrounds

Contractor Licence No. 344675C | Demolition Licence No. AD213437

Excavation, Earthmoving & Demolition in Campbelltown

Proud member of the Civil Contractors Federation & The Allied Earthworks Association

“thoughtful and flexible site management” – Nigel McBride

“Excellent excavation and demolition work performed to the satisfaction of the builder. ” –  Navneet Pundhir, Site Engineer

“thorough, professional and friendly” – Ian

Based in Campbelltown our area of operations for our excavation work includes Sydney Narellan, Camden, Gregory Hills, Oran Park, Picton, Appin,

Liverpool and Orangeville. From Parramatta to Wollongong and Sutherland to Penrith, ASF Excavations have your job covered.

Let our excavations expert handle your next excavation or demolition project. We have extensive experience in detailed earthworks and our operators are always compliant. We can assist in planning your job to get you the best result.

Specialising in earthworks and excavation services, we have experience in providing work to apartment blocks, townhouse developments, and medium and large construction projects. Our expertise and equipment can cover every task from bulk removals to final trim including clearing, shaping, and forestry mulching. Attachments include Rock Rippers, Hammers, Augers, Sifting Buckets, Crusher Buckets, Forestry Mulcher, and more.

Coordinating with suppliers and contractors is essential in any project. At ASF we pride ourselves on being able to get on with the job regardless of any unexpected events. We are fully qualified and experienced with all the necessary tickets and paperwork including rail industry safety induction (Including RISI, working with children and water passports). You can be assured of no delay when assigning us to your project. At ASF our standard is outstanding.

If you need advice or a free quote from our contractors, get in touch with our team today and give us a call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of excavating contracting?

Excavating contractors do much more than moving dirt. We play a vital role in the construction industry, and our services are always in high demand. There is no such thing as a typical day as an excavating contractor. Our responsibilities are many and include everything from preparing sites for construction to digging trenches for gas, sewer, and water connections. So, if you would like a career working outdoors, where no two days are the same, becoming an excavating contractor might just be for you. If you’re after an expert excavation team that’s dedicated to giving you the best service possible, get in touch for a free quote today.

What does an excavation contractor actually do?

Excavation jobs are one piece of a much larger puzzle. They usually work under the direction of a site manager who is responsible for managing the project. For example, building a residential pool requires the services of a number of trades, and digging the hole is just the first step.

It’s true that most of our work is soil-related and involves operating some very large pieces of equipment. However, the type of equipment an excavating contractor owns will determine the kind of work he takes on. Just some of the jobs we might be involved in include: Site preparation, digging for a swimming pool, building roads, grading roads, digging Ponds, excavating ditches and, trenches for water or gas, post and stump holes, digging dams, and agricultural drainage, and more.